District of Columbia Real Estate Continuing Education Course: Residential Property Management Essentials

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District of Columbia CE:Residential Property Management Essentials

Residential Property Management Essentials

3 Total hours
3 Elective hours
0 Mandatory hours

For many real estate professionals, property management is a natural extension of their expertise. Whether you’re thinking about taking on your first property or looking to grow your property management business, this is a niche business requiring specialized skills and knowledge.

Explore the role of the property manager, common tenant issues, and federal laws.

Course highlights include:

  • Property management contracts
  • Property types and evaluating factors
  • Tips for building a successful working relationship with property owners
  • Landlord and tenant obligations
  • Tips for screening and retaining tenants
  • Informal rental agreements and the risks involved
  • How to deal with delinquent tenants
  • Fair housing guidelines and exemptions