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Below are free Massachusetts real estate practice exam questions that will closely resemble your licensing exam. Review these questions and see what you know! The answers are provided beneath the question set.

1. Evan bought into a Massachusetts housing cooperative that's focused on cultural exchange. Each month the co-op residents have dinner meetings and share food and culture from their respective regions. When Evan made his purchase, he received a proprietary lease for his unit. What else did he receive?

  1. Contract of mortgage
  2. Deed
  3. Plat maps
  4. Shares in the cooperative corporation

2. On Monday morning, Sammie, a Massachusetts broker, is making a trip to the bank to deposit a check for earnest money she received the previous night. Which of the following is a true statement?

  1. She may use the funds to cover expenses related to the transaction.
  2. She must deposit the funds into an interest-bearing account.
  3. She must deposit the funds into a trust or escrow account.
  4. She owns the funds.

3. Massachusetts lead-based paint hazards law requires owners and landlords to ______.

  1. Disclose the presence, but not the potential presence, of lead-based paint in a home
  2. Perform a lead-based paint inspection prior to selling or renting a home
  3. Remediate lead-based paint in mouthable locations such as window sills, stair risers, wall corners, etc., if a child under six years of age will reside in the home, up to a height of five feet
  4. Remediate (remove or encapsulate) lead-based paint in any location where it occurs in a home up to a height of five feet

4. Monica and Chandler terminated their lease and moved out of their Worcester rental 20 days ago, but they haven't received their security deposit even though they kept their unit spotless. What should they do?

  1. Advise the landlord in writing that they are now owed their security deposit plus 5% interest.
  2. File a formal complaint with the National Association of Landlords.
  3. Take the landlord to court and sue for the security deposit or attorney's fees and $200, whichever is greater.
  4. Wait because the landlord has 30 days to return the deposit.

5. Under which of the following circumstances is age an acceptable qualifier for a Massachusetts buyer or tenant?

  1. When deciding whether to show upper story properties with no elevator
  2. When determining whether the presence of young children would require lead-based paint remediation
  3. When screening for tenants interested in renting in a community designated for elderly residents
  4. When selecting the best neighborhoods for a buyer client based on available schools

6. Which of the following applicants meets the experience requirements for a broker license in Massachusetts?

  1. Jill is a certified residential appraiser and has a real estate degree.
  2. Kerry has had a Massachusetts salesperson license for 30 months.
  3. Maggie has been affiliated as a salesperson with a Massachusetts broker since May 1988.
  4. Mike has held his Massachusetts salesperson license for 20 months and is working on his real estate degree.

7. Massachusetts requires that agency disclosures be given to consumers who are considering becoming clients of a licensee. In what other circumstance must an agency disclosure be provided?

  1. At an open house, to inform all attendees about types of agency available
  2. When a licensee and client meet to discuss an offer
  3. When an offer is made to a seller, to let all parties know who the licensee represents
  4. When anyone comes into the brokerage office

8. Emma, a Massachusetts licensed salesperson, wants to place an advertisement in Brookline's local real estate magazine. What must she be sure to include?

  1. A fair housing statement
  2. Her broker's complete information
  3. Her email address
  4. Her license number
Answers: 1. D, 2. C, 3. C, 4. D, 5. C, 6. C, 7. C, 8. B


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