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Below are eight free real estate practice exam questions that will closely resemble your Georgia licensing exam. Review these questions and see what you know! The answers are provided beneath the question set.

1. Which of these is true regarding the Georgia Real Estate Commission's licensing power?

  1. It grants licenses but doesn't impose sanctions.
  2. It may grant or revoke a firm’s license.
  3. It may grant, suspend, or sanction licenses of individuals, but not those of firms.
  4. It may suspend and revoke licenses, but it doesn't grant licenses.

2. Decatur licensee Alistair is working with buyer Evie as a transaction broker. According to Georgia law, Alistair may only perform ministerial acts for Evie, which are ______.

  1. Actions provided at the highest level of representation
  2. Administrative actions that don’t rise to the level of client-level representation
  3. Any real estate actions that require a license
  4. Tasks necessary to complete a real estate transaction

3. With a security deed in Georgia, how may a lender release the deed when the loan is paid off?

  1. Contact the county land office to execute a reconveyance.
  2. Execute and record a document called a Satisfaction of Deed to Secure Debt.
  3. Have an attorney prepare a reconveyance document and then sign it.
  4. Sign the security deed verifying release of the collateral and re-recording the security deed.

4. Which of the following may represent an exemption from Georgia fair housing laws?

  1. Angie owns a four-plex. She lives in one unit and rents out the others.
  2. Darren owns five rental properties and leases them out himself.
  3. Elias is a real estate licensee who's selling his own home.
  4. Wildwood Creek Resort Living, a 55+ community, stipulates that 50% of its homes must be sold to buyers in which at least one person is aged 55 or older.

5. Which of the following is an eligibility requirement for a community association manager in Georgia?

  1. Be a member of the community association or a community association manager licensee
  2. Be a member of the National Association of REALTORS®
  3. Be at least 16 years old
  4. Must also be a resident of Florida

6. In Georgia, after the commissioner reviews an investigator's report on a complaint, the commissioner may take one of several actions. Which of these is NOT an option?

  1. Impose sanctions against the licensee.
  2. Recommend that GREC dismiss the case.
  3. Request further investigation.
  4. Turn over the case to the attorney general's office.

7. " Which of the following written statements is required in a dual agency disclosure in Georgia?"

  1. Confidential information won’t be provided to the opposite party.
  2. Dual agency is the default relationship unless otherwise stated.
  3. Dual agency represents no conflicts of interest.
  4. The broker will not disclose relationships that might be impacted.

8. Stefan is an unlicensed assistant for the Ace Team at Acme Realty in Georgia. Which of these activities can he perform?

  1. Calculate commissions for team members.
  2. Explain listing information to a client.
  3. Host an open house.
  4. Solicit business for the team.
Answers: 1. B, 2. B, 3. D, 4. A, 5. A, 6. A, 7. A, 8. A


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